ANNE REED GALLERY’s focus has always been servicing the collector. For over thirty years visitors to Sun Valley, as well as those with primary and secondary homes in the area, entered our doors to find the right piece of art to make their homes feel complete. It continues to be our pleasure to work with private clients and to understand their needs, taste and budget. We pride ourselves on having access to a wide range of works at different price points.

We recognize the needs of new collectors, experienced collectors and those who simply want the right art for a specific place. In all cases, it is important for us to give you the benefit of our selective and educated eye, our wide range of resources, a quick understanding of your style and access to our discriminating taste. We also welcome the opportunity of working with designers and private consultants (see SERVICES FOR DESIGNERS and SERVICES FOR ART CONSULTANTS below).

Buying art online
Even two years ago, when we decided to move beyond the confines of our physical space, buying art online was still looked upon with some skepticism. Today, the advantages are becoming more apparent. From the comfort of your own home or office, you can instantly access ANNE REED GALLERY’s latest exhibitions and individual pieces of art when it is most convenient for you. The latest graphic technology allows us to show you how a specific piece of art might look on your walls, and you still have the option to try work on approval.

Our PRIVATE VIEWING GALLERY allows us to assemble suggested art pieces for you, much as we used to pull pieces out of our storage stacks for you to view – - just far more efficiently, so that you can refer back easily to the selection and share it with others. Moreover, if you send us a photograph of your intended site for art and include dimensions of your wall or area where you’re thinking of placing two- or three- dimensional work, we’ll return your image with work photographically “installed” for your perusal. Welcome to the digital age!

Communicating visual information has never been easier, quicker or more accurate. Allow us to help you have the widest choice possible from our artists’ studios or works that might be currently in museums, traveling exhibitions or even other galleries. Our time is not taken up with installing or de-installing exhibitions, patching walls or uncrating boxes, so we can respond immediately and efficiently to your requests.

Art on approval Still uncertain? Allow us to send you the actual art piece. We’ve been sending work “on approval” for years. We understand your desire to see a specific piece of art in its intended site. Inquire about having art sent to you on approval and let us help make this happen effortlessly.

We look forward to working with you and providing you with a rewarding experience as you select your next piece of — art whether it is for yourself or for a special project.