We have designed this site in a way that will allow you to navigate easily among the artists we represent. We've divided the artist list by medium (PAINTINGS, SCULPTURE, PHOTOGRAPHY and PRINTS) and have also included a list of ALL our artists. All information about an artist including exhibitions, videos, blogs, and bios is accessible from the artist's main page. Alternatively, you can also browse the site by EXHIBITIONS.

We will continue to curate online EXHIBITIONS much as we did in our physical space. Here you will find new works by gallery artists well as retrospectives and group shows. In addition, we feature carefully selected "picks" in ART FOCUS, providing you with an ever-changing selection of art by different artists working in a variety of mediums. Within PROJECT SPACE you will find INTRODUCTIONS, COLLABORATIONS and SPECIAL CURATORS. These are sections which bring to bear the full benefits of our virtual paradigm: they allow us to share with you fresh young talent in the art world, special collaborations with other galleries and institutions, and exhibitions curated by art and gallery directors around the world.

If you are looking for more in depth information about our artists and their work, you might browse through some of the other sections of our website. DINNER with an ARTIST gives you an inside glimpse into an artist's life, his/her likes and dislikes, special interests, favorite music or wine just as if you had the opportunity to join us around the table for a stimulating dinner conversation. VIDEOS will give you yet another insight into the artist's life and her or her work. Looking for the most up-to-date information about the art world, artists and their work? Check out our BLOG, which is updated on a weekly basis by our knowledgeable staff.

We hope you'll return often to discover both new exhibitions as well as find new artists and additional works. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about using the ANNE REED GALLERY website, or of course, finding the artwork you love!