Barbi Reed

For over thirty years, ANNE REED GALLERY has provided clients with art of lasting aesthetic and monetary value. Originally located in Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho, ANNE REED GALLERY has always focused its attention on work that is accessible yet has "content." Working with established national and international artists and, on occasion, welcoming highly promising new talent, ANNE REED GALLLERY has earned a reputation for excellence from both artists as well as clients.

In 2009, to better meet the demands of the 21st century art market, ANNE REED GALLERY transitioned from its physical location to an exclusively online gallery. The virtual format allows the gallery's staff to focus on what it does best: work diligently on behalf of its clients all over the world and advocate for its artists. We continue to curate exhibitions and represent artists as we did in the past, but are now able to respond more quickly as new opportunities present themselves. Launching special projects, inviting guest curators and introducing work from a global list of established and mid-career artists has become increasingly exciting and easier without the constraints of a physical space. Ever-conscious of the impact our business has on a planet whose resources are increasingly strained, we are also pleased to have the opportunity to reduce significantly our carbon footprint.

B. (Barbi) Anne Reed opened ANNE REED GALLERY over thirty years ago in Ketchum Idaho. Having studied photography with Lisette Model among others, been a professional freelance photographer with assignments in Tibet and Africa, a fashion editor, writer, buyer for a prominent ski and tennis shop in New York City as well as Publicity Director for Sun Valley Company, she came to the gallery scene well-versed in the arts, publicity and creative retailing. Barbi has served on the board of a number of non-profits and is a founding board member of several internationally focused NGOs. Seeing the vast potential of the internet, Barbi decided to take ANNE REED GALLERY virtual in 2009 and thus became one of the first gallerists of a recognized gallery to take sole advantage of the internet.

Julie Youngblood was born and raised in Los Angeles. She currently lives and works in Ketchum, Idaho, drawn to this area by the amazing mountain lifestyle. Julie studied in Buenos Aires and attended New York University where her she focussed on Art and Art History. With strong organizational skills, a knowledge about social media and marketing and her enthusiastic nature, Julie promises to be a wonderful asset to ANNE REED GALLERY and ARTprojectA. In addition to her passion for art, Julie has a wide range of interests which include training horses, volunteering as a local firefighter and adventure traveling. In 2012, Julie placed 7th in Mongolia's Mongol Derby, the world's longest horse race. Julie is looking forward to applying her knowledge of art and her competitive and fearless spirit to ANNE REED GALLERY and ARTprojectA!